An Amazing Review of Google Nexus 5X

Google Nexus 5X Review

If you look at the box of the mobile initially, you will find a plain white box with the sleeve upfront and got the LG logo, the android logo as well as an image of the Nexus five X.

On the back, you have the Nexus X as well as the nexus 5X logo. When you are unboxing the mobile you will remove this sleeve and will speed this up slightly.

nexus 5x review

Secondly on Nexus 5X Review

Initially, you will see a leaflet which has some graphic information. You can have a look at this for once at least. Inside the box there are more things that need to be revealed. There is a Google play music leaflet so “Google play music for 90 days on us” you will get inside which is great to see. You will also get this mini package that has the SIM card ejector tool as well as the safety and warranty information. The product will provide you a power break now; this is a 3 pin power break. The interesting thing about this device is that, it is quite a single USB type C input and this is on the side so it is not on the back as you would usually expect to find and it seems to be not the standard USB input. It is USB type C.

type c for nexus 5x review

These USB type C to USB type C cable so both sides are reversible but if you got any power breaks from other devices then you are not going to use this with the Nexus 5X. 

The device at first covers a plastic sleeve. You have to uncover the sleeve and unveil the phone. No screen protector is to be given so unfortunately you will not get any satisfying sound.

perfect google nexus 5x review

Upfront you will get a 5.2 inch full HD display. It seems to be like you have got two front-facing speakers but unfortunately, it has just only the single front-facing speaker which is at the bottom. Up top is your earpiece as well as a five-megapixel front facing camera and some sensors. If you are flipping the device over you can see the LG logo as well as the famous Nexus Logo in the middle of the device.

Extra ficture we must mention in Nexus 5X Review-

There is a fingerprint sensor and the fingerprint sensor performs well. You will have to pick the device up in order to unlock it. You can’t do it, if it is sitting on a table. There is a 12.3 megapixel rear-facing camera. You will also get an infrared laser which is going to help the auto focus. LG has done it really well in the past with other devices. A duel LED flash light is also attached. Up top is a single microphone. On the bottom you have got another microphone, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well as the USB type C inputs. 

On the right had side of the device is the power button as well as the volume rocker. On to the left had side, a SIM card tray is placed.

Hope you enjoyed the Review of Nexus 5X

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