ASUS ZenBook UX305CA Review

The Asus ZenBook UX305CA depicts a tolerable 13.3-inch display, speedy SSD the processor is Intel Core m. The product is very nice-looking, lightweight body and the most amazing part is the battery that lasts the entire day long. To balance the product and make it compact, Asus has used a slow Core m3 processor and the speakers are a bit quiet. The overall rating of the laptop is good in terms of measuring values.

Design: The design is unique. It looks like sleek and slim from the top. Open up the lid unveils the aluminium body with the span metal finish and sharp edges; this thing looks and feels absolutely great. Despite the metal built it only weighs a 1.2kg and comes in at just 1.23 centimetres thick so very compact and lightweight product.

Space conscious: Great if you are carrying this with other things because the product is too slim that you can put it into your bag and not to worry about the space or weight.      

Monitor:13.3 inch IPS touch screen with a 3k resolution so that’s 3200 by 1800 pixels works round 276 PPI and that seems to be a very high pixel density for a laptop. The colors are vibrant, viewing angles are great and the details are a super shop. The display is impeccable, bright, and glowing.
Touch screen: If you choose to use the touch screen of the laptop then you can do so. The touch screen is pretty good. The display is solid so the screen more rock back too much when you are touching it and it can’t be useful if and when you need to use it. If you want to use it traditionally then there is also an option for you. The keyboard is really solid and the keys have to look and very comfortable to use overall.

Trackpad:The trackpad is responsive and supports multi-touch and it’s pretty clicky too.

Ports: For the ports, you have a headphone jack, a micro HDMI port, three USB 3.0port, one of which has a USB charger plus technology for better charging the device. A power port and an SD card slot. In terms of performance there are few variations available and these are;

      ü Intel core M5 processor
      ü 8 Gigabytes of Ram
      ü 256 Gigabyte SSD
      ü Windows 10 home edition with 64-bit
The performance has been great overall with the SSD upload times a minimal and general usage is very fast and smooth. You can use this for some more heavy tasks such as; video editing, some gaming but with the core M5 processor realistically speaking it won’t be exceptional. One advantage that the user will be getting with the core M5 processor is the battery life. This will vary from person to person, if you use it more than average then the battery will consume more energy and if you use 7 hours a day if you are outside then it is possible that you can get the battery life of at least four days.

Webcam:The product is offering a 720p built in webcam which is a decent resolution for a laptop.

Speakers:The onboard speakers are pretty decent too. They should be fine for day to day use.

Pricing: This is a very competitively priced and will vary depending on the version you go for.

This is a great laptop. Very impressive features, especially with the lightweight build, a premium design, and high-quality display. If anyone wants to have a compact windows laptop then this could be the right choice for them.


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