Brave! A new browser that cares about user privacy and choice

There’s a new member in the browser-town! Meet Brave – an open-source browser Founded by the former Mozilla Co-Founder and the Inventor of JavaScript, Brenden Eich. Brave browser is based on Chromium web browser and Blink engine. It is an open-source community built browser that has MPL (Mozilla Public License) License.

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Founder Brenden Eich announced about the new browser in January 20, 2016. The browser was released as a beta version in February. It is currently in version 0.10.2 and is in beta testing. Brave browser is available on Windows OS, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS. The browser is out for most of the popular platforms within a short amount of time.
Brave puts users privacy at the top of their priorities. Users can control what information they are sharing with third parties and can easily turn on and off the permissions. Brave automatically turns off ads displayed on websites. However, there is an option to turn ads on or show sponsored ads by Brave. Users can stop malwares, site scripts, third party cookies without using any plugins or addons. There is an option for fingerprint security. It is for the mobile devices with fingerprint sensors. The user interface of the browser seems kind of dull and low quality. But the website loading speed is satisfying. You can see how much time it took to load a website beside the web URL after the loading is done.  
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The online newspapers are not happy about this new browser. Most of the newspapers rely mostly on online ads nowadays. But unfortunately, Brave browser hides those ads to satisfy their users. Lawyers from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other members of the newspaper Association of America took legal actions against Brave browser. They said it was illegally blocking ads on their websites. The brave browser is replacing their ads with the sponsored ads of Brave. Brenden Eich stated on a letter that the newspaper group misunderstood the browser policy.

brave browser interface

The logo of the Brave browser is a lion with orange colored hair. The lion represents the bravery. The browser already received positive reviews on android platform. It is also available on iOS and Amazon app store. Developers can easily contribute to this open-source project. It needs much more development to come into the spotlight.
Take a look at this new browser! Download link is given below:

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