Facebook changed user profile without any notice

Facebook changes its settings and user interface very often. But after the change it notifies the user or atleast the news medias. This time Facebook did a small change in everyone’s profile and did not announced it officially. It is a tiny change that most of the users will not notice anyway. You need an eagle eye vision to get it.

The education, work and basic info of a profile was clustered and shown before. If you work somewhere and quit job a year ago, it may not be shown. Current and recent work positions and education info were shown on the first page of profile. If you click the about section, the full information will be shown. Now Facebook changed the way it shows those information. All your current and past work and education information will be shown as a large list on the first page of your profile. However, Facebook did not changed the privacy settings of the about section. You can hide any information that you do not want to publicly share.


Updated look of the Info section

Suppose, 3 or 4 years ago when you were not so aware about your Facebook life, you put a false work info where you were working as an FBI Agent. But now this information will shown to people who visits your Facebook profile for the first time. That can be so embarrassing. You all need to recheck the about section of your Facebook profile.


How Info section were shown previously

Fortunately, you can change the settings. If you use a mobile device, go to your profile and select “Edit Info”. Then uncheck anything you don’t want showing up on your profile page. On a Mac or PC, click the pencil icon next to the lines on your “Intro” and uncheck anything you don’t want to see.


People are expressing mixed opinions about this change. Some are saying that peoples appearance will be focused more on life achievements than some photos. Some are saying all the information are looking annoying. Most of the users do not really care about the change at all. Let me know how you feel about the change in the comment section below.


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