Facebook Introduces 360 Photos

Facebook has introduced a brand new way to view panorama photos on its updated Facebook app. There is a new feature called “360 Photos” where users can tap on panoramas and slide any directions for the full view of the photos. They do not have to zoom-in and zoom-out the photos to see it clearly anymore. This feature is available in the updated Facebook apps for Android, iOS, Gear VR and the Facebook website.

watch-in-vrFacebook users can upload 360 photos easily by the normal method photo uploading. Facebook will detect the photos as 360 photos and it will enable the new feature for other people to view those photos. A 360 photo has an oval icon in the middle. Users of Gear VR can press “view in VR” button and see the full image by moving their heads around. Pretty cool tech right?

Normal photo uploading was enabled in Facebook for over a decade. And Facebook is the top platform for sharing photos. There is another photo sharing platform that is also very popular- Instagram. But wait, it is also owned by Facebook. Then Facebook owned Virtual Reality headset manufacturer Oculus. So, It is clearly visible that Facebook was planning to do something with Photos and Virtual Reality. 360 photos are meant to be the first attempt to the plan. I think we will be seeing more amazing features in a few months.

page-cover-w-gyro360 photos are assumed to get more popularity than gif images and videos. Facebook has celebrity and publishers lined up to use this feature. 360 photos can be an effective way to attract customers for the advertisers. We will soon be seeing 360 photos in Facebook ads. Facebook believes 360 photos, videos and VR are the next future of social networking.

Product manager of Facebook, Andy Huang writes that “We introduced photos on Facebook more than a decade ago, and they quickly became one of the main ways that people share their experiences.” Seems like Facebook is just renewing their old ideas to make users come back again to their website. As customers of Virtual reality headsets and VR or 360 view cameras are rising nowadays, Facebook can easily get users to share 360 photos on the platform. Instagram may soon able to view 360 photos as well.

Many celebrities are sharing their first 360 photos on Facebook. You can check out Mark Zuckerberg’s first shared 360 photo taken from One World Trade Center. This photo was taken by Michael Franz and Jonathan D. Woods for TIME magazine. It is like seeing everything around you. You can now really feel like being in a place just by starring the pictures of it. Users should give a try to shoot 360 photos and make it a new trend on Facebook.

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