Facebook Messenger Reached 1 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook Messenger reached 1 billion monthly users today. It is the biggest milestone of Messenger. It has added 200 million monthly users since January 2016. This makes Messenger the unbeatable Instant Messenger app of this year. We have to say 2016 is a lucky year for Facebook. Whatsapp hit 1 billion users in February and Messenger hit that milestone in July. Maybe Instagram, another aggressively growing photo sharing app is the next big target.


Facebook released some interesting facts about Messenger.

  • The most downloaded sticker of Messenger is Angry Birds.
  • Users send 22 million GIF images everyday through Messenger.
  • 300 million flowers were send through Messenger on Mother’s Day.
  • 360 million valentine boxes were sent on Valentines day.
  • 1.2 billion games of basketball were played.
  • 250 million soccer games were played.


Messenger is not only a chatting app anymore. Users can play games in it, has thousands of stickers, GIFs and emojis, has special items in every occasions. Now people can send SMS to the phone contacts through Messenger. It is pretty much combining all the forms of communications of our day to day life.


Facebook enabled an easter egg for celebrating the billion users of Messenger. Send a heart-shaped balloon to your friend and discover it yourself. It seems funny, but 1 out of 7 people in this world now use Messenger app. Remember how Facebook forced you to download and use Messenger to chat with your friends? Well, that is now getting paid off.

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