First Augmented Reality Pokemon Game going live on Android and iOS

Most of the people of 90’s generation grew up watching and playing with Pokemon. Those were the golden days when we went home from school and eagerly awaited to watch episodes of Pokemon cartoon. We also collected Pokemon cards. We did buy and trade them. I hope most of the kids of the new generation are also growing up with this amazing Pokemons. If not then I will say they are definitely missing some really big things.


There were many Pokemon games out there but have you ever wondered a Pokemon game in Augmented Reality? Yes, the first augmented reality Pokemon game is here now. Pokemon Go is the first augmented reality based Pokemon game developed by Niantic and published and distributed by Pokemon Company and Nintendo.


In Pokemon Go, the whole game arena is the surroundings of you. You have to discover hidden Pokemons and catch them all. These Pokemons can be hidden behind your laptop, on your bed or inside the closet. Your handset will vibrate and show alarm if there is a Pokemon nearby. The game uses Bluetooth connection and LED lights to warn players about the nearby Pokemons. You can capture, battle, train and trade Pokemons of the real world. Moreover, there are communities for players.


Various types of Pokemons live in different places. You can find a water-type Pokemon like Squirtle on the side of a lake that you pass everyday. Or you can find fire-type Pokemon like Charmander in a warmer place. The game uses sensors of the smartphone to calculate environments around the player.

The game was in beta for two months. Now it is coming to Android and iOS platform. Pokemon Go will be available in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore for free any time by now. But it may not be realeased in all the countries at once. The Pokemon Go Plus wearable devices will be sold separately soon.


For those who cannot wait for the official launch can download the apk file of the game and start playing from here. This game could be the next mobile game. It shows the awesomeness of augmented reality technology.



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