Four Sophisticated Tech Products Review

Electric Unicycle: The first product to be reviewed is the TeamGee T3 Electronic Unicycle from bang good. Everyone has seen hoverboard recently but if you want to try something a little different and challenging then this is the appropriate product for you.
Attributes: The concept is pretty simple. A single large wheel with two- fourth place to balance yourself and control the unicycle. It’s definitely not easy to use but it’s a lot of fun if you are up for a challenge.
Colors: It comes in a variety of colors and has a handle up top for easy carrying although it is pretty heavy at 10 kg. The Battery should last a few hours and it can reach speeds up to 18 kilometers an hour. Although the user has been recommended not to go that fast.
Charger: A charger comes with it. For safety, it is advised that not leaving the unicycle charging unattended. As most units will be sent from overseas you may have to wait for a little to get this delivered.


Price: The price is really affordable and cheaper. You can choose different colors before purchasing the product.
The next product is the Tapplock. It is the world first smart fingerprint padlock.
The attributes: The product has loads of attributes. These are;
No reason for losing keys: There are no worries about certain things like; losing your keys, forgetting your combination code, or getting your locks picked. Tapp unlocks with a tapp-in under, one second with your unique fingerprint.
Two versions: There are two versions of the tap; Tapplock and Tapplock Lite. The larger tapplock is offering longer battery life as well as the option of doubling up as an emergency phone charger.
Access: It can be accessed and even shared to you live from anywhere in the world. Up to 100 fingerprints can be stored. The offer is limited so get onto this quick if possible. 
The third product is the MX master wireless mouse from Logitech. This product is famous and widely praised.
Design: The design is great and futuristic. It is adaptable and go with any setup and very ergonomic for prolonged use. The scroll of the mouse is vertical and you can easily sway the web page. For robust searching, there is also a horizontal scroller near where your thumb sits which is definitely a nice touch. There are Forward and back buttons below the horizontal scroller. At the bottom, you will see some different connection options.
Bluetooth: You can connect the mouse via Bluetooth which is probably the easiest option. If you don’t have Bluetooth then you can use the wireless receiver that comes in the box. There is also a smart switch mode which allows you to switch between three different setups so if you do have multiple machines this would be an even more compelling option.
The fourth product is very significant and workable as well.
iPhone 6S Battery Cases: The product comes with two versions, 2850-mah, and 3100-mah. This is plenty to more than fully charge your device. The product looks great and also come with a micro USB cable to charge and transfer data and no need to remove the case as well as a headphone extension cable and that will work with the iPhone.                       

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