Google Introduces Allo: A new feature-richen messenger

The tech giant Google has introduced a whole new chatting app named Allo. Google’s communications app engineering director Erik Kay announced the new messenger in Google I/O 2016. He showed the live demo of the product and described various specs of it. It seems Google is very serious getting into the messenger territory.


It is a messenger app that has all the basic features of a messenger app like Facebook

Messenger, Whatsapp, iMesseges etc. You need to sign up using your contact number and all your contacts get synced with the app. Message sending and receiving seems like most other apps as well. But besides those normal features there are some great additions of Google.

The app has an AI, which is known as Google’s personal assistant. Personal assistant helps the user to search, suggest and do conversations just by listening. This assistant can help users by suggesting automatic replies in the chat conversations. For an example, if your friend write “Are you free tonight?”, the personal assistant may suggest replies like “No, I’m busy.” or “Yeah, I’m available. What are you planning?”. These suggestions are the best of its kinds till now. Google’s assistant has the most Intelligent features. Moreover, if your friend sends you a picture of his pet dog, the Google assistant can suggest replies like “Aww cute dog” or “What’s the name of the dog?” within some seconds. That is a brilliant AI work done by Google. You can get help from the assistant just by typing “@google” in your chat window. But remember this bot is reading all your messages. So they are not private anymore and those data can be stored by Google.


Talking of privacy, Google assured that all the conversations are encrypted so that no third party can read users messeges. But Google server can read them. However, there is incognito mode like the Chrome browser where all the conversations are end-to-end encrypted, which means even Google cannot read them. And if you delete the messages, it will be gone forever. This mode also disables the Google assistant. Google is planning to add more features in the incognito mode like expiring messages and more.
There is a huge collection of emojis in the Allo app. These emojis can be used worldwide and has different skin tones to avoid being called racists. Another great part of the Google assistant is that it can suggest replies by seeing other users emojis. And it suggests replies with emojis too.

google_ allo_duo_screenshot

The director demonstrated a new feature called “Whisper Shout”. Users can minimize or maximize their text sizes by sliding a tiny simple slider when writing the message. It helps users to express their feelings in either whispering or shouting. For an example, your friend is writing “Hey, what’s up?”. He can simply slide the slider up and make the fonts bigger so that it looks more like a joyful shouting. Or he can minimize the fonts to state that he is whispering to you because it is midnight and everyone is asleep. Marvelous feature added by Google.


Allo app is already available in Google Playstore for pre-register. Android users can pre-register the app to get it automatically downloaded when it will be first released. It will be totally free. Google Allo will also be available in iOS. So both Apple and Google users can enjoy it.

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