How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The unlocking method does work for pretty much all the Samsung devices. So, if you picked up the S7 or S7 edge recently and it is locked to a particular carrier but if you want to use it with a different carrier or abroad then this method should be perfect and useful for you.
First, I would like to mention that this process is not free unfortunately and there is no free way to do this.


IMEI: The first task you are going to need is your IMEI number and this would be either on the box of your device or you can simply press star and then hash and then 06 on your dialer and it will pop up. This step is very important so either write this down or keep this on screen. 
maxresdefaultNext step: The next step you will have to visit is the website called After opening the webpage you will be presented five fields. The first is your carrier is to be selected from different options from the box. So, this box shows the carrier type that your device is currently locked to.
Second field: In the second field, you have to decide the manufacturer which is Samsung. It tells you to select the brand of your phone.
Model number: Then it is to select the model number of the brand. In this case, it would be the Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
IMEI number: In this field, you have to put the IMEI number of your phone. Make sure you do enter this correctly.
Email Address: The final step is to provide the e-mail address and this is where the unlock code will be coming to. In this step, your order will be sent to this email as soon as it is ready.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-edge-Review-TI After you have entered the entire field you will be presented with the estimated delivery time as well as the price for this unlock. Now this will vary from device to device. It is better if you would go with this website thoroughly and checking them your unlock device.

After that you simply clock on the unlock now and you will be presented with all of the terms and conditions. So, make sure you just have a quick read through this then you can pay either via paypal or a credit or debit card or even via bitcoin.
Once you have done that you will receive an email within your estimated delivery time and from the email which was sent to you from that you will need to note down the unlock code. 

After that, you need to head back onto your device, switch it off, and then insert in non-supporting SIM card so an SIM card from a different carrier. Once you have done that you simply need to restart the device and after it finishes loading then you will be presented with a screen that will require your “SIM network unlock PIN”. The next step here, you will need to enter your unlock code. So just skip back to that email then inset in that code. When you have done that simply tap on unlocking and then you will see a message saying “requesting network unlock” and then network will be unlocked successfully and then your device will be fully factory unlocked and you will be able to use it with any GSM carrier.

If you are going to be traveling abroad or something then this is particularly useful.

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