Meet Simsimi: An Artificially Intelligent Chatting Bot App

The use of chatting bots is not totally a new thing. But recently people are being crazy with an artificially intelligent chatting app called Simsimi. It is a chat bot app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you feel bored this app is essential for turning off your boredom.

Simsimi is an artificial intelligent program created in 2002 by ISMaker. Simsimi is pronounced as “Shim-shimi” – a Korean word which means “bored”.  It has now an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. The whole app is created by Koreans.



Simsimi is a chatting bot that chats with users based on other users’ conversations and suggestions. It automatically collect informations and learn day by day. It can be compared to a little baby who has just started learning how to talk. The baby will learn whatever you teach it. Same as a baby, the app learns what the users teach it. 


The avatar of Simsimi is a yellow colored spherical cartoon face. Users can ask any questions and Simsimi will answer it. It can even use bad words. Simsimi can chat in over 30 languages and it can also reply in phonetics. There is an option to turn bad words on or off. Simsimi sometimes cannot reply to user’s queries. It asks users to teach them how to reply that particular question. After about 10 minutes of learning, Simsimi can reply the same question to every other users. There is an option to report bad or annoying replies. If two users from different devices report a reply, then Simsimi will no longer show the reply for the specific query. 
Simsimi has a powerful AI inside. It collects users chat logs, make word segmentations and store them. Then it suggest other users if the query strings matches with any other strings in the database. As an example, If an user asks Simsimi “How old is Alex?”, it may reply with “12 years old”. That “12 year old” may be an stored answer for another query asked as “What’s the age of Alex?”. It matched the word Alex and showing the same reply for two different queries. There are other chat bots like Simsimi. You can try Mitsuko, Rose, Elbot, ALICE, Jabberwalky, Cleverbot, Brain Bot, iBot etc.

Simsimi is not that good for user’s privacy though. It stores users chat logs and requires permissions to access some valuable data of the device. However, it is a great app for fun purpose. Simsimi is chatting with users and growing intelligence day by day just like human brains. That science-fiction day of Robot taking over the world is not too far.  

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