Mini TV Box for Android Review

To enjoy online entertainment like; music, sports, games, photos, working and more mini TV box has got all in one integration. The system of the device is pretty simple, you have to connect a high parameter box with your HDTV and explore the world of entertainment. Loads of amenities are being delivered by this tiny device.

The processor: The processor of this device is so fast that all the apps run smooth and fast.

User-Manual: Inside the box a user manual is to be provided which is informative, visual-friendly and easily understandable.

The traits : A lot of this is attached to the device. An HDMI port, A USB, full-size USB, SD card slot, a power jack is also available. An HDMI adaptor is also be given.

Plug-in: The HDMI cable has to be plugged in from both sides of the device. HDMI cable plugged into one end and the other end will be connected to your PC.

TV Box: After HDMI plugged in, it will start to boot android. The after the task is very simple, you will have to connect it to WiFi and then select the android.  

Set-Up: It’s very easy to set-up. You have got a cable that directly goes into your HDMI port on your TV. If you want to have a longer cable, those are also available and cheap as well. You can either power the device through the mains adapter. However, If you do have a USB port on your TV, you can simply connect the cable directly into the USB port and it will draw the power from there. The USB port on the device can be used for keyboard and mouse. You can also use the USB for extra storage so if you have got the device or the micro SD card as well. The performance wise dual core 1.6 Gigahertz, cortex A9 processor with one gigabyte of ddr3 ram running android jelly bean 4.1. You have got some other performance to something like the Galaxy nexus or the galaxy s2 to give you a bit of an idea of the performance. It’s not too bad because it’s really what the device is intended for and for the price that you pay as well. It’s very reasonable. Video playback is what the device is primarily going to be used for and that’s the sort of primary user had said. 720p and 1080p videos work fantastic and smooth here.
Different file formats: Various file formats like; MKV mp4 Avi and even Flv flash video, that’s something that is not available in many devices except this one. The default players can play a lot of these file formats easily. You can download different plays and applications from the play store and you have got that option which is remarkable. Youtube works impeccably great and you can see youtube on the big screen now with the help of this device. The standard definition videos have worked absolutely fine.

Web Browsing: Web browsing and apps, work well in this device. Speed wise pretty decently and no problems at all. You can easily browse different social media sites pretty easily.

The RC 12 remote: The RC 12 remote very easy to use. It does sway very flexible while working. Flexible keyboard is commendable to use. One thing to bear in mind, that this does not have an accelerometer like your phone.
Games: To play games is almost like using a mouse. Simple games like angry birds will work fine here but if you are going to be using demanding apps
then the RC 12 remote is perhaps not going to be the best because you might be limited in terms of options. This is because games are generally made for a touch screen device. So using, this remote while playing games is not going to be the best preference.

Conclusion: Overall I think is a great device. I would say that this may also be used for content consumption, watching videos. This is a great addition to your TV and that’s the beauty of android because of the open platform allows to experience android on your TV set.  

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