New Name for Android 7.0 Declared

Google has finally announced the name of the upcoming Android 7.0 operating system. The official name for Android 7.0 is now “Nougat”. Google was naming its Android OS series with delicious sweets and desserts from the very beginning. Nougat is a family of confections made from sugar or honey, mixed with roasted nuts, whipped egg whites or chopped candied fruits. It was first invented in France. Nougat is now popular in many countries including France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.


Android 7.0 was named as Android N for some times. In this year’s Google I/O, it was announced that the new android will have a name chosen by the users. There was an option in the official Android N website to suggest a name for the version. Users from all over world suggested names of different sweets and desserts. Nougat was the most popular choice by the voters. Another popular choice was Nutella. But it will require the company to sign in license as it is also another brand name. Google did considered going with the brand name “Kitkat” for Android 4.0 version. Another popular suggestion was “New York Cheesecake”. But the Android N project was already internally named as “New York Cheesecake”. There were codenames before beta version of some Android Operating systems. Android Kitakat was codenamed as “Key Lime Pie”, Android Lollipop was named as “Lemon Meringue Pie” and Android Marshmallow was internally named as “Macadami Nut Cookie”.


Google has announced the new name on their twitter and snapchat account. They have also posted a picture of Android mascot standing on a bar of three different flavored Nougats. Android Nougat, named as Android N was first released as a developer preview on March 9, 2016. By this time, it now in second beta stage and almost ready to officially launch for consumers. Android Nougat has some new interesting features. There will be Multi-window multitasking, Updated notifications, new keyboard themes, seamless updates, Doze, Daydream and other performance enhancements. You can read this article to know details about those features. Nexus users are already allowed to use beta versions of the new OS.



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