NVIDIA Shield Android Mini TV Review

The Nvidia shield has been available in the market for almost a year and only recently been available in the UK and Europe as well.
Design: The design and build are great very premium and looks more like a console than a regular TV box.
The entire package: The package comprises a lot of things. It includes; a controller which is solid and feels great in the hand and buttons are very clicky.


Remote: A remote is to be provided as an edition which works well but it’s definitely more useful having the controller and this is awesome that they have included this with the console. In terms of specifications, these thing is an absolute beast and perhaps the highest android loads of specs TV box ever out there. 

phpshef63Processor: The processor is NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with a 256 core GPU and 3Gigabytes of RAM. It can play back for key videos up to 60 frames a second and 16/500 Gigabytes of storage options but that’s not a problem at all because you do have a micro SD card slot and you can also hook up a hard drive using one of the two USB ports and these all the other ports that you have on the shield and it composes videos to see exactly what you get.
Software: In terms of the software you have an android TV interface and it’s very easy to use. It is made for TV rather than a tablet like you may have seen on some other boxes and that’s great because it is easy to use the controller to navigate around. There is an option of voice search directly from the controller which is pretty impeccable and useful.

Nvidia-Shield-Android-TV-14-840x560Headphones: The headphones are pretty easy to plug-in the headphones into the controller something which is very convenient. There is a good selection of apps available all usual Netflix, You tube, BBC, iplayer, but because this is for android TV and a lot of the apps that you may be used to see on your smart phone may not be here. For example; there is not the chrome browser which will be available soon.

The Apps: There is a facility of downloading side load apps and there is a few methods for doing this.
Unique: There are certain things that make this device unique and stand out from the competition on the gaming capabilities. The games are to be streamed here using NVIDIA GeForce now. Think of this as a Netflix for gaming, games are being one of the powerful services on an invidious side which means you can enjoy some great titles right from this box. 


Internet: A decent internet connection is to be required to get the best results and using a wide connection is advisable but once you will set this thing is pretty flexible and it is perhaps the best and cheapest way to get quality gaming on to your television. It blows away the competition at this price range.

Nvidia Shield Android TV box is the best that you can buy at this price range for what it offers especially the gaming features to make it quite unique compared to a loss of other boxes that you can get out there.

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