Osmo Educational Apps for iPad Review

Osmo learning system is an award winning gaming system that will completely change the behavior of your child to connect or communicate with the iPad. By opening up the device, you can play with your hands with it. The cool about this app is that a combines the best of screen time with physical objects. So, you have an app that runs on your iPad but it can detect little shapes and letters that it comes with that you put down in front of the iPad and it will actually have those things appear on the screen so you can get the best of both worlds where you get that immediate feedback of an app but you are basically manipulating real physical objects. That’s pretty cool right, so let’s see how does it work? 

Base stand: A base stand will take any iPad 2 or above. Basically, if your iPad has a front facing camera then you are good to proceed.

A little mirror: A little mirror where you can easily put it on the top and then you boot it up and load one of the apps.

Newton package: The first app is very smart and coolest one that they have included in the package called Newton. It doesn’t use the shapes that it comes with it. You can make your own shapes. After commencing this app you will see some balls are falling from the top of the screen and whatever I put in front of the iPad and you will see the balls will interact with the lines. You will be noticing it apparently if you place a blank piece of paper and it should work pretty well here. You can draw something to the piece of paper and will see that the balls will interact with the line that you have just drawn on the paper. This is a fantastic way to work with an app without touching the screen. You are actually drawing things and things are happening and you can put down a physical object and check out the impact as well.   

Words: The box of letter tiles in here as well. If you lose the words then there might be a problem because you won’t get any duplicate of that. The app is pretty cool, you can plot a letter down and you can spell what you see on the screen. If you plot a letter “I” and it can detect and show you on the screen. If you plot another incorrect letter after that like “R” then it will put that in the wrong category and show you on the screen. One problem if you put down two letters at a time, it kind of arbitrarily figures out one score and shows you on the screen. There is no doubt that the technology is pretty cool and if you can concern the game as an educational standpoint you could have expected more from it. They could have designed the game a bit better.

Tangram: Tangram is full of the box of shapes. You can put the shapes in front and start building the structure will tell you if you have got the right thing in the right place which is amazing. This is the best app in the collection of the moment. You can really spend a lot of time figure this out and it’s great for kids that want a good puzzle to play.

Conclusion: The vision of having 3D objects interact on a table with something on the screen is really best realized through tangram. The word app was really impressive in terms of technological standpoint but not from an educational standpoint. Newton game is fabulous and it is more potential to develop and update the app in future.

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