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Anti-Dust Protection Plugs Set for MacBook

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Features & Compatibility

Introducing our MacBook Anti-Dust Protection Plugs Set, specially designed to safeguard your Apple MacBook Pro 13″/15″ (ab 2016) A1708, A1706, A1989, A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289, A2338, A1707, A1990 from the intrusion of dirt and dust. This set of anti-dust port plugs is the perfect solution to keep your laptop, PC, and notebook computer outlets clean and functioning optimally.

Compatibility Matters: Our anti-dust protection plugs are meticulously crafted to be compatible with Apple MacBook all models from 2016 2023. Specifically engineered for A1708, A1706, A1989, A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289, A2338, A1707, A1990, these plugs ensure a precise fit for your device.

Comprehensive Protection: This set includes 5 flexible plastic caps that cater to various ports, including USB ports, HDMI ports, SD card ports, and more. Keep every opening on your MacBook covered to shield it from potential harm caused by dust particles and other contaminants.

Durable Design: Crafted from a blend of durable and flexible silicone and plastic materials, our protection plugs are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. These plugs provide reliable protection for your ports, helping to extend the service life of your MacBook and maintaining optimal performance.

Easy to Use: The anti-dust plugs are designed to protrude slightly from the ports, allowing for easy removal when needed. This feature ensures hassle-free access to your ports while still providing effective protection. Perfect for stationary use, our set offers a convenient and reliable solution to keep your MacBook ports clean in any environment.

Attention to Detail: Please note that our anti-dust protection set is specifically tailored for MacBook devices introduced to the market from the end of 2016. The protruding design makes it effortless to remove the plugs while maintaining a secure fit during regular use. Enhance the longevity of your MacBook with our thoughtfully designed anti-dust protection set.

Invest in the longevity and performance of your MacBook with our Anti-Dust Protection Plugs Set. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with keeping your device free from dust and debris.


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Elevate your MacBook experience with the MacBook Anti-Dust Protection Plugs Set – where style meets functionality, and protection meets elegance.

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