Any Mobile Camera Lens

This Camera Lens Work on most type of mobile phone Camera
•Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time.
•Work on most type of mobile phone that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.
•High Clarity: Made of high-class glass.
•Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminuim.
•Color: Silver.
•Applicable to any Mobile devices.
•The Flash Light will be blocked when the lens is in use.How to attach the camera Lens to your device?
•Magnetic through a ring with self-adhesive tape.Specifications (Wide Lens):
•Magnification: Wide 0.67X + Super Macro.
•Lens Construction: 2 elements in 2 groups.
•The shot distance is between 10~23mm.
•Dimensions(main body): 20mm (diameter) x 11.2mm (length).
•Dimensions (magnetic ring): 13.06 (outer), 9.38 (innner).
•Weight: 4.2gSpecifications (Marco Lens):
•Magnification: Super Macro.
•Lens Construction: 1 element in 1 group.
•The shot distance is between 10~23mm.
•Dimensions(main body): 15.8mm (diameter) x 6.5mm (length).
•Dimensions (magnetic ring): 13.06 (outer), 9.38 (innner).
•Weight: 2gSpecifications (180 Fish Eye Lens):
•Magnification: Up to 180 degrees.
•Includes flat adhesive metal ring that is fixed around the original lens.
•Lens Construction: 3 elements in 3 groups.
•Dimensions (main body): 25mm (diameter) x 15mm (length).
•Dimensions (magnetic ring): 13 (outer), 9.5 (inner).
•Weight: 11gPackage Includes:
· Fish Eye Lens x 1
· Wide Angle (+ Marco Lens) x 1
Wide Angle Lens = Wide Conversion Lens + Marco Lens
· Lens Cover (plastic) x 2
· Detachable Magnetic Ring x 4
· Key chain strap x 2
· Manual x 2


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