Super Cool Tech Devices of 2016 – Review

First, I would like to talk about a wireless headphone which is named as Ghostek SoDrop APTX.
Design: This product needs to be complimented because of its building design. This looks and feels absolutely great with a lightweight brushed aluminum axon and smooth soft leather.
Padding: The padding or run makes these very comfortable. They sound great and do a good job of keeping outside sound out with the noise reduction technology. They have a mic in the ear cuffs you can easily take cause and it comes with a premium case with a nicely fold into making them very easy to carry around. 

Next up, is the different product which is the rest on the non-wearable smart device that truly understands and improves your sleep.

Rest on by sleepace: The rest on sits in between the mattress and sheet so totally out of the way and no complicated hot reached switches. Simply rotate the magnetic lid and it’s activated. Either link you Smartphone android or iOS and useful information such as your heart rate, breathing on a body movement are tracked and analyzed. You can easily review this information in the “rest on app” which also gives you personalized advice to help improve your sleep. 

index_44 sleepThe next product is the tablet of Asus Zenpad 8.0
Gift: Tablets have always been a popular gift for everyone. This tablet is really affordable and is a great option.
Attributes: Loads of attributes are comprised in this tablet.
Display: It has an 8 inch LED display with (1280 by 800) resolution. It has a 64-bit Quad-core Intel Atom processor.
Camera: It has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a two-megapixel front facing the camera, a front facing speaker with 16 gigabytes of storage and a micro-SD card slot for expansion and it comes with either one or two gigabytes of RAM.
Colors: It has three colors and available in the market. These are; black, white, and metallic but has an interchangeable back so if you want to go with another color back you can simply pick one of the many available including the power case which will add a lot of juice to your tablet.
Heavier: The power case does make the tablet a bit heavier and thicker but is a great option for heavy users or is someone who travels a lot. Now although the Zenpad may not have some of the specifications that the higher-ends tablets have out there but it is satisfactory comparable to the price. It is appropriately capable of who pretty much all tasks run very smooth.

The next product is the Desk lamp.
The name is Taotronics desk lamp is an inexpensive yet quality desk lamp with a premium aluminum alloy casing touch control for five levels of color temperature and 11 levels of brightness to easily match your mood. It also has a rotatable arm and lamp head so you can perfectly be positioned this to your liking. The soft light that comes from the bottom of the lamp which is very easy on the eyes and the top things off it has a built in a five volt USB ports so it’s absolutely perfect for charging your phone or tablet too.
desk lamp

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