Equated Monthly Installment with Gadget BD


With Gadget BD, everything is affordable and easy. Along with Multiple payment methods like Cash, Cheque, Card, Mobile Finance, we also provide a monthly installment option for all of our services using your credit card, if you do not want to pay upfront!

Paying through our EMI is very easy. You are eligible for EMI with any purchase over BDT 5,000. So you can easily purchase now and Pay later!

Supported Bank for EMI

Bank NameProcessing Fee – 6 Months EMIProcessing Fee – 12 Months EMIProcessing Fee – 36 Months EMI
Bank Asia Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
BRAC Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Dhaka Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Eastern Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
EXIM Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Jamuna Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Lanka Bangla Finance Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Midland Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Meghna Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
NCC Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
NRB Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
NRB Commercial Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
PREMIER Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Prime Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
SBAC Bank.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Southeast Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Southeast Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Standard Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
Standard Charteredl Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%
The City Bank Ltd.4.71%9.29%24.22%

** All other majors banks are available too as we process EMI with SSLCOMMERZ, so availability depends on them. ** Charges may vary as Banks/EMI Processor (SSLCOMMERZ) frequently updates their fees & terms.

Availing the EMI

Availing EMI from us is very easy. Our 0% EMI means you don’t have to worry about any additional charge from our side, except for a minimal processing fee from your card issuing bank. EMI is applicable for services that cost more than BDT 5,000. After choosing your desired service, you’ll need to visit our office to avail the EMI facility.

EMI Calculations
You can easily calculate how much you need to pay per month for your EMI plans with Gadget BD.

Let’s assume you are planning to purchase a service worth BDT 5,000 from Gadget BD. With a bank processing fee of 9% for 12 months, you’ll be charged 5,464 TK. 

** If there is an additional charge that is totally taken care of by your bank or SSLCOMMERZ, no additional charge will be billed by Gadget BD rather than the product price. 


What is EMI?
– EMI is Equated Monthly Installment.

Is there any interest charge applicable?
– No. Gadget BD will not charge any interest, however, a minimal amount of processing fee will be applied as per the respective bank’s policy.

What are the supported bank, with whom I can avail EMI from Gadget BD?

– You can avail of EMI from Gadget BD from any Major Bank in Bangladesh. 

What will be the maximum EMI tenure?
– Maximum EMI tenure is up to 36 months. However, our customers tend to prefer the 6 and 12 months EMI plans.

What are the minimum and maximum purchase limits with EMI?
– Minimum purchase limit to avail EMI is BDT 5,000. There is no maximum payment limit of purchase from Gadget BD for EMI. However, it will depend on your credit card limit.

What if I want to pay early after paying a couple of months?
– It is possible, however, you need to consult your bank for early settlement.

Can I avail EMI for multiple services?
– Yes, you can.

Can I avail EMI with any debit/prepaid card?
– No you can only avail of EMI with credit cards issued by supported banks of Gadget BD/SSLCOMMERZ

Terms and Conditions:
You can only avail of EMI with the credit card issued by our supported banks. The minimum purchase value must be more than BDT 5,000. Some banks may have different rules regarding the procedure of EMI, however, any rules from the card-issuing banks must be strictly followed during the EMI period. The maximum purchase value for EMI will depend on the customer’s card limit. The first installment shall be charged by the bank immediately after the billing.

Still, if you are having query please email us at contact@gadgetbd.comor ring/facetime us at +8801714039409