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Introducing our Screen Protector designed exclusively for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, providing unparalleled protection for your device’s display. Tailored to fit seamlessly, this protector ensures the ultimate defense against life’s unexpected moments.

Compatibility: This Screen Protector is specifically engineered for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, offering a precise fit for your device. Please ensure you have the correct model to experience the optimal protection.

Ultimate Screen Protection: Experience robust protection with 110-lb impact resistance, guarding your screen against the unexpected challenges of daily life. From accidental drops to unforeseen impacts, this protector is designed to keep your iPhone 14 Pro Max display safe and intact.

Smooth and Clean: Enjoy a crystal-clear screen with the fingerprint-resistant coating and powerful scratch defense. This combination ensures a smooth and clean display, providing an optimal viewing experience while safeguarding against scratches and smudges.

Easy to Apply: Say goodbye to the hassle of application. The dust-repellent adhesive, alignment frame, and included cleaning kit make the installation process effortless. Achieve a bubble-free application with precision and ease, ensuring a seamless fit for your screen.

HD Clarity: Immerse yourself in stunning HD clarity with ultra-clear glass that guarantees flawless viewing. Rest assured, this Screen Protector preserves the full functionality of Face ID, allowing you to enjoy your iPhone 14 Pro Max to the fullest without compromise.

Product Dimensions: Measuring at 15.22 x 7.4 x 1.27 cm and weighing only 45 grams, this Screen Protector is designed to seamlessly integrate with your iPhone 14 Pro Max, providing discreet yet robust protection.

iPhone 14 Best Screen Protector in Bangladesh:

Looking for the perfect screen protector for your iPhone 14 in Bangladesh? Our Tempered Glass protector is the best choice! It’s designed to protect your investment from scratches, bumps, and drops. It’s also sleek and stylish, without compromising your phone’s design. ESR’s Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone is globally recognized for its quality and reliability. So, invest in the longevity and security of your phone today!

Invest in the ultimate defense for your iPhone 14 Pro Max with our exclusive Screen Protector. With exceptional impact resistance, easy application, and crystal-clear viewing, this protector ensures that your device’s display remains in pristine condition. Safeguard your investment, enjoy HD clarity, and trust in the resilience of our Screen Protector for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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