MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case (Brain Red)


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Macbook Air (2018-2019) , Macbook Air 13" (2009-2017) , Macbook Air M1 (2020) , Macbook Pro 13" (2016-2019) , Macbook Pro 13" M1 (2020) , Macbook Pro 15" (2016-2019) , Macbook Pro 16" (2019-2020)


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Introducing the MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case in Brain Red, a perfect blend of style and functionality tailored for MacBook. This case, adorned with a cut-out design, allows the iconic Apple logo to shine through, adding a touch of sophistication to your MacBook.

Check Your Model for a Perfect Fit: Before making your purchase, don’t forget to check the model number on the back of your MacBook. Ensure a perfect fit by choosing the exact model number as stated in the listing title, whether it’s “A1466” or “A1369.”

Full Access, Full Protection: Our hard shell cover is designed with precision, providing easy access to all ports while allowing you to open and close your MacBook fully. The two-piece design is not only sleek and glossy but also incredibly easy to install and remove. Experience the convenience of a case that complements your MacBook’s functionality effortlessly.

Smooth, Durable, and Resilient: Crafted with a layer of Rubber Oil Paint, our case boasts a smooth rubberized exterior texture that not only prevents fingerprints but also offers resistance against slipping, scratches, drops, dirt, smudges, and other potential damages. Keep your MacBook looking brand new with our durable protective cover.

Optimal Heat Dissipation: Worried about your MacBook heating up during extended use? Fear not. The bottom shell case is vented strategically to ensure maximum heat dissipation and disbursement, maintaining your device’s optimal temperature even during intensive tasks.

Slim and Lightweight: Embrace portability with our slim and lightweight design, making it easy and convenient to carry your MacBook wherever you go. Slip it into your bag without adding unnecessary bulk while ensuring your device is always protected on the move.

MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case Price in Bangladesh:

The MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case in Brain Red is competitively priced, ranging from 2000 to 3000 BDT. We believe in providing quality protection for your valuable devices without compromising your budget. Whether you opt for the basic model or choose one with additional features, rest assured that you’re getting exceptional value at an affordable price.

Convenient Online Ordering:

Experience the ease of online shopping by conveniently ordering your MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case in Brain Red from the comfort of your home. Visit our website to explore the range of options and select the perfect sleeve for your device.

Shop at Gadget BD:

For a seamless experience, you can choose to collect your purchase directly from our shop, Gadget BD. Enjoy the convenience of a physical location, ensuring that your connectivity with top-notch device protection is swift and hassle-free.

Elevate your MacBook experience with the MacBook Plastic Hard Shell Case in Brain Red – where style meets functionality, and protection meets elegance.

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