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Introducing the Mous Clear Case with Anti Yellow and Anti Scratch features, the ideal partner for your iPhone X/XS/XS Max. Meticulously engineered and designed for sophistication, this case not only elevates the visual appeal of your device but also ensures robust protection.

Elegance in Transparency: Revel in the exquisite aesthetics of your iPhone through the thin and stylish design of the Mous Clarity Cover. This case maintains the sleek look of your device, offering a clear view without compromising on protective capabilities.

Seamless Sophistication: Immerse yourself in a realm of seamless sophistication with the wraparound colors and graphics that harmonize with the design of your iPhone X/XS/XS Max. The Transparent Back Cover not only shields your device but seamlessly extends its aesthetic appeal.

Sturdy Protection: Bid farewell to worries about accidental drops, bumps, and fumbles with the Mous Clarity Cover. Engineered for durability, this case serves as a dependable shield, providing robust protection while preserving style. The raised, beveled edge adds an additional layer of defense, safeguarding your touchscreen from potential damage.

Convenient Simplicity: Embrace effortless convenience with the one-piece design of the Mous Clear Back Cover. Installing and removing the cover is a breeze, allowing you to switch styles or clean your device with ease. Enjoy the flexibility of a cover that seamlessly pops on and off as needed.

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Opt for the Mous Clarity Cover, designed to be Anti-Yellow and Anti-Scratch for iPhone X/XS/XS Max. With this investment, not only do you secure your device, but you also add a touch of timeless sophistication. Experience the perfect blend of style and durability with Mous – enhancing your iPhone’s overall appeal.

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