Should I Buy the iPad Air 5 (2022) or Wait for iPad Air 6 (2024)?


When it comes to choosing between the iPad Air 5 (2022) and the upcoming iPad Air 6 (2024), consumers in Bangladesh and elsewhere are faced with a decision that hinges on several key factors: performance, design, price, features, and battery life. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two models to help you make an informed decision.


The iPad Air 5 is equipped with the powerful M1 chip, which has been praised for its snappy performance in various tasks, from everyday use to more demanding applications like video editing. The M1 chip is also found in Apple’s MacBooks and desktop computers, indicating its capability to handle heavy workloads. However, the iPad Air 6 is expected to feature the newer Apple M2 chip, which should offer even better performance and efficiency.


Both the iPad Air 5 and the anticipated iPad Air 6 maintain Apple’s sleek design language with flat surfaces and sharp, all-aluminum bodies. The iPad Air 5 is very similar in size to the 11-inch iPad Pro 2022, suggesting that the design is already quite refined. While specific design details of the iPad Air 6 are not yet available, it’s likely that Apple will continue this design trend, possibly with some minor enhancements.


The iPad Air 5 starts at 69,500 BDT for the 64GB model, which is a competitive price given its features. The price for the iPad Air 6 has not been officially announced, but it’s expected to remain in a similar range, offering more advanced features and potentially better value for money.


The iPad Air 5 boasts a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, Touch ID, USB-C port, and compatibility with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil 5. It also supports accessories like the Magic Keyboard 11. The iPad Air 6 is rumored to have an even more impressive display technology and may come in a larger 12.9-inch size. It’s also expected to support the latest Apple Pencil and keyboard accessories.

Battery Life

Both the iPad Air 5 and the iPad Air 6 are rated for up to 10 hours of web surfing on Wi-Fi or watching video, and 9 hours when using cellular data. While the battery capacity may not differ significantly, the newer chip in the iPad Air 6 could offer better battery efficiency.

Should I Get the iPad Air 5 (2022) or Wait for iPad Air 6 (2024)?

If you’re in need of a new tablet immediately and want a powerful device that can handle a variety of tasks, the iPad Air 5 is an excellent choice and offers great value for its price. However, if you’re looking for the latest technology, improved performance, and potentially better battery efficiency, and you’re willing to wait for the release, the iPad Air 6 may be worth holding out for.

In conclusion, the decision to wait for the iPad Air 6 or buy the iPad Air 5 should be based on your immediate needs, desire for the latest tech, and budget considerations. If you can wait and want the newest features, the iPad Air 6 seems promising. Otherwise, the iPad Air 5 is a capable and more readily available option.

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