iPad Pro 2024: Release Date, Pricing, Specs, News and more

iPad Pro 2024 Price in Bangladesh

iPad Pro 2024: What we know so far about the brand-new OLED iPad Pro! 

The iPad Pro is getting ready for its most significant update in recent times, and it’s scheduled to launch in mid-year 2024. This update may be a ways away; however, the leaks and rumors are beginning to spread and can be interesting to read.

Buying one of Apple’s top iPads currently will get you an amazing tablet, that has a lightning-fast M2 chip and a stunning ProMotion display that can be used in either an 11– and 12.9-inch configuration. Two of these are the most important aspects of the features that make iPad Pro, Pro. They are also anticipated to see significant improvements with the arrival of new models in the coming year.

A new processor and display isn’t the only thing iPad Pro buyers can look at, however. A new keyboard indicates Apple is making a second attempt to make its tablet a laptop, and people who want to be creative but can’t manage their workflows with the current 2TB option could get a brand new 4TB version to look forward to. It’s in the early stages of 2024’s iPad Pro, but here’s everything we’ve learned to date.

The 2024 could be the biggest upgrade to iPad Pro in a very long time. Rumors suggest that the next iPad Pro could be just around the corner next year, but this time featuring OLED displays.

The ProMotion display sees a massive improvement by incorporating OLED, but the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models are expected to see slight increases in size as well. With the M3 processor, it could be an amazing season for top iPads.

iPad Pro 2024 Release Date in Bangladesh

iPad Pro 2024: The headlines

  • What exactly is it? The coming iPad Pro refresh with upgraded specifications as well as an OLED display
  • When will it be available? Current rumors suggest March-April 2024
  • Price? It is expected to be an equivalent cost to M2 models.

iPad Pro 2024: Models

The 2024  redesign is anticipated to be available in two distinct sizes, with a range of configuration options for each, similar to the most recent iPad Pro models.

Mark Gurman recently disclosed four codenames for future models, suggesting the two sizes and the previously mentioned Wi-Fi and Cellular combinations. As of right now, it is anticipated that both the 11- and 13-inch models would come with Wi-Fi and cellular options.

We’re not sure yet if the somewhat broader frame or larger display of the 2024 OLED iPad Pros will be a result of their slightly different proportions from the previous generation.

In addition, it is probable that every model will be available in various storage capacities, with Space Grey and Silver variants for those who prefer to ensure their tablet complements their own style.

All of the new iPad Pros will probably employ the same M3 chip, though the precise configuration of that chip hasn’t been revealed yet. Other than additional connectivity options and storage, this chip will probably be the same.

iPad Pro 2024:Release Date in Bangladesh

Although it can be challenging to predict when Apple products will be released, current rumours point to a spring 2024 release, with LG and Samsung reportedly working on the screens. We fully anticipate the OLED iPad Pros to be released in the first half of 2024, as per a January report from The Elec indicating that production was about to begin. It is expected that, if the new iPad Pro 2024 models are being released by March or April 2024 then it should be available in Bangladesh within a couple of days from the release date.

iPad Pro 2024: Price in Bangladesh

Regarding pricing, there have been rumours that Apple may raise the price of the iPad Pro in addition to the iPhone 15 Pro. Right now, the 12.9-inch model costs $1,099 in US and 113,000 BDT in Bangladesh, while the 11-inch model starts at $799 in the US and 102,000 BDT in Bangladesh. There are rumours circulating that the new display technology that Apple plans to employ will cause their tablets to start at an eye-watering $1,500. But closer to the day of publication, that might very well depend on the state of the world economy. According to some rumours, Apple may maintain a pricing point that is comparable to the M2 iPad Pro models. If this is true, customers would benefit greatly.

The iPad Pro 2024 price could start at 150,000 BDT at the beginning of the release.

As more storage is added to each model, those starting prices will undoubtedly rise, and consumers who choose tablets with cellular radios should prepare to pay an additional $200 or so.

iPad Pro 2024: Processor

Breaking News: Here's What You Need to Know about Apple's M3 Chip - Softonic

According to what we’ve read so far, the 2024 iPad Pros will have an Apple M3 chipset installed. The 14,7-inch MacBook Pro and the brand-new Apple iMac from 2023 will both run on the same CPUs.

Like the M2, the M3 chips feature eight CPU cores and ten GPU cores, and they are constructed via a novel 3nm manufacturing technique created by TSMC. Better performance, more effective thermals, and reduced power consumption are made possible by this.

iPad Pro 2024: Design and Display

It’s not anticipated that the 2024 iPad Pro refresh will dramatically alter the tablet’s appearance, but that’s not always a bad thing. The tablet’s limits are already quite thin, so pushing them further might make it harder to handle without breaking any of the screen parts. But a redesign of the display itself is anticipated.

Long-running rumors suggest that an OLED tablet is on the way, and the newest screens may represent the biggest improvement above the M3 chip now in use. The benefits of owning an OLED iPad Pro include longer battery life, potentially lighter and smaller devices, and better color reproduction and brightness. Even though the viewing angles on the current iPad Pro models aren’t very poor, there is always a chance that future generations will provide even better viewing angles.

ProMotion will not suffer from switching from a conventional display to an OLED display, and its 120Hz refresh rate is expected to be maintained. With the use of modern technologies, the display may be improved and made to update more slowly, saving battery life.

Rumor has it that the 12.9-inch model might expand to be as big as 13 inches, while further growth of the 11-inch model is not anticipated.

iPad Pro 2024: RAM AND STORAGE

Rumor has it that the 12.9-inch model might expand to be as big as 13 inches, while further growth of the 11-inch model is not anticipated. Rumor has it that a gigantic 4TB storage capacity—more than twice the present maximum of 2TB—might be made available for storage. It is unclear, though, if this would imply that the 128GB base storage option would no longer be available in order to maintain the five-capacity lineup.

The additional storage may come in handy for creative professionals whose workflows demand a lot of space, even though it’s unlikely that most users will want 4TB on their iPad.

There haven’t been many rumors about RAM. These days, the majority of iPad Pros have 8GB of RAM; the 1TB and 2TB devices have 16GB. We anticipate that the 2024 models will also be split similarly.

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